Katie_Marie2I’ve been writing and recording my own songs for the past 20 years. I’ve also been lucky enough to co-write with other artists.

Currently I’m co-writing material with drumming & songwriting legend Phil Gould (Level42), Dan Cassidy (Eva Cassidy’s brother) and Henry Priestman (The Christians).

As well as writing songs with Phil I also played cajon, bass guitar and acoustic guitar on a few of his new tracks.

The following tracks were written by me and recorded in my own little studio. Everything you hear was performed / sung by me. (With the exception of ‘Not Over You’, which was recorded at Tonstudio, Cologne and features Elli on piano).

Letting Go of Me

Not Over You

Without You – (From the album Bedtime Stories)

Studio Work10440764_10152456409360033_1883892382173394044_n

I absolutely love doing studio work.

The studio is a truly magical place to be.

I am both very proud and grateful to have been trusted by people to work on their music.  I take every project very seriously and treat it with the same respect and dedication as I do my own songs.

I’m a good person to hire in studio situations because I have a very calm disposition and I’m super easy to work with.

There have been many projects where I have been asked to play 2, 3 or even 4 instruments (drums, bass, guitar and vocals).  It’s been so much easier (and cheaper!) for these artists to hire one easy going musician to do the job that a group of people would do.  Plus I’m used to layering instruments for my own songs, so bassist Katie can lock in with drummer Katie pretty quickly (most of the time ;).

The only thing I do have to warn you about is that being British I do drink a large amount of tea.

In Person Studio work & Custom Tracks

I feel very honoured to have been hired by various artists to do both in studio work and also create custom tracks for their projects.

In studio work is where I arrive at the studio with all my gear (and tea) and start recording.

Custom tracks are where I record tracks for your project in my studio and Dropbox them to you (I can create custom vocal, drums, cajon, bass or acoustic guitar).

If you’d like to ask about hiring me for studio work or creating a custom track for you feel free to get in touch!