Studio Work


I absolutely love recording.

The studio is a truly magical place to be.

I am both very proud and grateful to have been trusted by many artists and songwriters to work on their music.  I take every project very seriously and treat it with the same respect and dedication as I do my own songs.

I’m a good person to hire in studio situations because I have a very calm disposition, I work diligently but quickly and I’m very easy going.

There have been many projects where I have been asked to play 2, 3 or even 4 instruments (drums, bass, guitar and vocals).  I’m extremely experienced at layering both instruments and vocal tracks.

Some of the albums I have appeared on recently include:

Peacetown – Jimmy LaFave (drums on 13 tracks – see track below)

West – Rachel Reese (drums on 2 tracks, bass guitar on 2 tracks – I played bass on the track featured below)

Hey Funky You – Ginger Leigh (drums on 6 tracks, bass guitar on 6 tracks and acoustic on 1, I also co-wrote Stranger, Hey Funky You and Never Gonna Let You Go which I wrote for the album as well as playing drums and bass guitar)

That Song About the Midway – NagaValli (single release, I played acoustic guitar)

Feel free to contact me about your project – I’d love to hear from you!

Remote Recording

I have my own studio set-up here in Austin, TX and record both individual tracks as well as full song productions, all at extremely competitive prices.

I’d be very happy to discuss your project with you before you book with me 🙂

Are you a lyric writer? I’ll happily work with you to create a vocal melody line and music for your words – heck, I’ll even edit your lyrics too! 🙂

My Set-up:

Mics include:
Aston Origin
Shure KSM44A
Neumann TLM 102
Audio Technica AT4047
Bock iFet
Sennheiser MD421 II
Neumann KM185 (Pair)

Outboard gear:
Allen & Heath Mix Wizard
Warm Audio WA-2A
TL Audio Ivory 2 5021 Dual Valve Compressor 5021
Avalon VT 737 SP

Here’s a short demo reel featuring some of the work I have already completed along with some of my own songs.

The tracks featured in this demo reel are:
* FLY MY SOUL by RayNBrotherhood (India)- I provided vocals and acoustic guitar for this track.
* Kjære visesanger by Sveinar Heskestad (Norway) – For this track I recorded the bass and drum / percussion parts.
* ANGEL by Milkbay (Sweden) – I provided all the vocal parts.
* BUILDERBUDDIES TV Theme Tune (Vietnam) – This was so much fun 🙂 I wrote the lyrics and sang all the vocals.
* HERE IN MY ROOM by Joseph Cirello (USA) – Joe came to me with his song which he had recorded into his phone, it just had his vocals and my mission was to create a full song production with vocals, percussion, bass and acoustic guitar – I really loved working on this 🙂
* NOT OVER YOU – This is one of my songs, I recorded this at my friend Shirin Valentine’s amazing studio in Cologne and it features Elli Erl on keys. I sang the vocal parts and played acoustic guitar, bass and cajon.
* GABRIEL CALLING – An instrumental song written by me – everything you hear was played by me (drums, bass and tons of keys parts!)
* REOFFENDER – This is a punk instrumental written by me, again everything you hear was played by me (drums, bass and electric guitar).
* UNTIL TOMORROW – From my album Bedtime Stories and written by me….this was a lot of fun to work on. Featuring bass, acoustic guitar and grooves made from different percussion instruments.
* WITHOUT YOU – Also from my album Bedtime Stories and written by me. Featuring uke, bass, drums and vocals.

Feel free to contact me to request rates – I’d love to hear from you!