~ WINNER – Best Acoustic Act – 2012 South West Music Awards ~

~ WINNER – 2010 Singer/Songwriter Contest – Leipzig ~

* Just completed an 18 State tour in the USA *


Proudly endorsed by Takamine Guitars (www.takamineguitars.eu/uk), Schlagwerk Percussion (www.schlagwerk.com), LR Baggs (www.lrbaggs.com) & Logarhythm Stomp Boxes (www.log-jam.co.uk).

Currently road testing/reviewing the VR3 audio/video mixer for Roland Systems Group UK.

“Katie Marie is a very talented multi-instrumentalist who also happens to be a great singer-songwriter. Katie has played on some of my work and, apart from being one of the most talented, is also one of the nicest people I’ve had the pleasure to work with”Phil Gould, Level42 (drummer, songwriter, producer)

“”Interdisciplinarity” means in science, the use of approaches, ways of thinking or methods from various disciplines. A perfect example of this being transferred to the music world would be British musician Katie Marie: she sings, plays guitar, piano, bass and drums. A perfect one-woman band”Akustik Gitarre Magazine (www.akustik-gitarre.com)

“Katie Marie is a funky Joni Mitchell in disguise…”Heather Corcoran – Coffee House Tour

“It’s just acoustic guitar, vocals, and a very good bit of percussion called the Logarythm, and you have an accomplished and unique singer/songwriter on your hands…”James Wilson, Good Vibrations (www.gvmag.co.uk)

“Always a pleasure to work with, Katie’s a solid and reliable player who can funk it up with the best!  Shame I don’t get to work with her more often!”Ian Evans, Session Drummer (www.livedrummer.co.uk)

“I look forward to Katie Marie doing well and to continue producing music that makes a reviewer’s day” - Luis Fiske, Demorama 

“Katie Marie has a beautiful, sexy voice and fabulous songs. She certainly deserves to be better known.  Katie also plays guitar, bass and drums. This British girl is pretty talented”A J Charron, Guitar Noise (www.guitarnoise.com)


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